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We have been developing websites and software for you since 2008.


More than 150 websites, applications, and corporate designs have been created since then.

Our team consists of

Each of them is a highly trained and experienced professional.

We provide
type of services

We offer a full range of services:
design, development, marketing, and support.

ARBITAS offers a full range of services such as developing websites, web applications and software. Projects include web design, programming and online marketing.

We can create:

  • internet projects;
  • mobile and desktop applications;
  • CRM systems for business optimization and promotion.

We have been on the market since 2008 and have already gained an excellent reputation among Russian and foreign partners alike. We work with projects of any complexity at our offices in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Odessa (Ukraine). All our employees are highly qualified and experienced IT specialists. We are effective team players who can find creative solutions to even the most difficult tasks.

ARBITAS is centered on meeting clients’ needs and offers personalized services to all its customers. We will do everything we can to make your business even more profitable.

Our goal is to create high-quality, functional and attractive websites, web applications, payment and CRM systems using our team’s expertise, vast experience and fantastic creativity.

We are committed to maximizing profits for owners by creating high-quality products. We strictly adhere to deadlines and our projects comply with all modern standards that can be used in various environments. Our experts always stay up-to-date on front-end technologies and have gained extensive experience in development that allows them to quickly find a solution to any issue you may have.

Meet Our Team

Vadim Belousov - ARBITAS

Vadim Belousov

General Director
Ihor Sprinchan - ARBITAS

Ihor Sprinchan

Technical Director
Dmytro Verdi - ARBITAS

Dmytro Verdi

Serhii Malenkov - ARBITAS

Serhii Malenkov

Oleh Verhulenko - ARBITAS

Oleh Verhulenko

Vasyl Mazur - ARBITAS

Vasyl Mazur

Aleksey Romantsev - ARBITAS

Aleksey Romantsev

Team Lead
Dima Kaminskiy - ARBITAS

Dima Kaminskiy

Team Lead
Dmitry Pristavkin - ARBITAS

Dmitry Pristavkin

Valentina Georgitsa - ARBITAS

Valentina Georgitsa

Oleksandr Samusiev - ARBITAS

Oleksandr Samusiev


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