About company Arbitas s.r.o.


About company Arbitas s.r.o.

Arbitas is a company that develops software and web systems for banks, credit organizations, insurance companies, government and commercial enterprises. We help automate the business processes of enterprises and reduce the cost of selling financial products and services.

Our Team

Vadim Belousov - ARBITAS

Vadim Belousov

CEO & Founder
Ihor Sprinchan - ARBITAS

Ihor Sprinchan

Dmytro Verdi - ARBITAS

Dmytro Verdi

Team Lead
Serhii Malenkov - ARBITAS

Serhii Malenkov

Team Lead
Oleh Verhulenko - ARBITAS

Oleh Verhulenko

Project Manager
Aleksey Romantsev - ARBITAS

Aleksey Romantsev

Team Lead
Dima Kaminskiy - ARBITAS

Dima Kaminskiy

Team Lead
Oleksandr Samusiev - ARBITAS

Oleksandr Samusiev

Senior Developer
Dmitry Pristavkin - ARBITAS

Dmitry Pristavkin

Senior Developer
Valentina Georgitsa - ARBITAS

Valentina Georgitsa

and other stars of our team  - ARBITAS

and other stars of our team

Partners & Clients

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