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We have been developing software and web-systems since 2008.


More than 150 projects of varying complexity have been developed since then. There are joint projects and our own solutions among them.

Our team consists of

Each of them is a highly trained and experienced professional.

We provide
type of services

We offer a full range of services:
design, development, marketing, and support.

Arbitas is a company that develops software and web systems for banks, credit organizations, insurance companies, government and commercial enterprises.

We help automate the business processes of enterprises and reduce the cost of selling financial products and services. Do you want to forget about routine and give more time to creative tasks and business development? Just ask, maybe we already have a solution for you.

Our rules:

PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION  is more important than the working schedule and days off

Of course, Deadline and the weekend are sacred, but if something went wrong, we don't care about the schedule. We order pizza, make a lot of coffee and solving the problem.

INNOVATIONS is more important than sleep

We don't invent a bicycle where our experience allows us to assemble a racing car. But we can not sleep at night if we don't explore and try something new.

WORKABLE PRODUCT is more important than money

Everybody are accustomed to the fact that the cost of the project depends on the number of man-hours required for developing. We know that you don't need them, but the working product. Our partners pay only for the result, otherwise, how would you know about us.

Are you ready for cooperation? We are happy to consider your offer. Do you have questions? You have to ask us without delay.

Meet Our Team

Vadim Belousov - ARBITAS

Vadim Belousov

CEO & Founder
Ihor Sprinchan - ARBITAS

Ihor Sprinchan

Dmytro Verdi - ARBITAS

Dmytro Verdi

Team Lead
Serhii Malenkov - ARBITAS

Serhii Malenkov

Team Lead
Oleh Verhulenko - ARBITAS

Oleh Verhulenko

Project Manager
Vasyl Mazur - ARBITAS

Vasyl Mazur

Senior Developer
Aleksey Romantsev - ARBITAS

Aleksey Romantsev

Team Lead
Dima Kaminskiy - ARBITAS

Dima Kaminskiy

Team Lead
Oleksandr Samusiev - ARBITAS

Oleksandr Samusiev

Senior Developer
Dmitry Pristavkin - ARBITAS

Dmitry Pristavkin

Senior Developer
Valentina Georgitsa - ARBITAS

Valentina Georgitsa

and others  - ARBITAS

and others


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