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People use automated kiosks less often than bank cards or e-money. But we all want pay for goods or services, transfer money, receive parcels, buy cryptocurrencies and so on with comfort.

Automated kiosks can be installed in the bank branch or it could be automated electronic kiosk that sells plane tickets or tourist SIM cards.

The owners of the shops or offices housing where a payment kiosk installed are receive extra income from the fees paid by the payment system or merchants.

We can provide the full range of services for programming and setting up kiosks at our clients’ request:

  • We can adapt or develop new software for kiosks;
  • We can develop a processing scheme;
  • We can design and develop software for loan kiosks and kiosks for paying utility bills;
  • We can integrate card readers.
 In addition, we can provide you with payment kiosks from leading manufacturers according to your business needs.

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