Software equipment


Our terminals are designed to receive loan applications, grant loans and process repayment of loans. A contract is signed physically during the formalization stage, with one copy stored in the terminal and a second copy given to the customer.

How it works: Clients choose the function they need (“Completion of an application”, “Enter personal data”, “Dispensing”).

During the application stage, the customer:


  • enters their mobile telephone number,
  • selects a loan amount,
  • records a photograph using a built-in camera,
  • scans their passport and agrees to process their data according to the terms of the contract.


Then the data transfer to an operator, who, if necessary, confirms the information by telephone and grants the loan or rejects the application.

If the request is approved, the client receives a personal password to use to print a credit contract and signs it. The contract is scanned and retained in the terminal. The remote operator receives the scanned signed contract, verifies the signature and confirms the approval of the loan. The client receives a code for withdrawal of the money.

Your customers can also use our terminals to repay their loans.


  • Preparation of an application for granting a loan;
  • Credit contract printing;
  • Credit contract scanning;
  • Dispensing of the loan;
  • Loan repayment;
  • Printing of a repayment schedule;
  • The ability to send additional scanned documents;
  • Сhange returning;
  • Passport scanning and recognition;
  • Authorization based on passport or cell phone number;
  • Various conditions and lending periods for registered and unregistered customers.