INTERKASSA is an easy to use service that allows Internet business owners to accept various kinds of payments. It works as a payment gateway that connects end users with various payment systems and simplifies the processing of money.

Currently the system is connected to 16 types of electronic payment systems. As soon as new systems get connected to INTERKASSA, they become available to all system users. This helps to immediately offer various payment methods that are popular among website users.

INTERKASSA is an application that is integrated with the website of a business owner. It basically becomes a cashier that can accept all of the listed payment methods. It saves the merchant the trouble of setting up each and every payment system, creating multiple web purses and understanding the intricacies of multi-currency payments.

The system works in 3 steps:

  1. When the customers click the PAY button, they are automatically redirected to the payment page, where they can find a list of available payment methods and currency options, provided by different payment systems.
  2. When the customer completes payment using their specific details and the payment is successful, the merchant receives notification with transaction details (via email, text message, ICQ message, etc.)
  3. As soon as successful payment is confirmed, the customer is redirected to a page where the payment procedure is finished.

All transactions occur at the website of the payment system selected by the buyer and don't affect the functioning of the gateway. For the website owner it means that their server is free from any unnecessary information, but they still get detailed statistics on all received payments including reports, analysis and charts.

Website users benefit from the highest level of security that INTERKASSA offers. As it doesn't receive any sensitive information from the user, their data can't be stolen or intercepted. Customer notification of the payment status also doesn't contain any information that can affect the security of payment.

Connection to the system is free of charge, but there is a commission fee of 3% for depositing money. Money withdrawal is free and can be done via any payment system that is connected to INTERKASSA or via a credit card. Credit card users should keep in mind that certain amount of commission fee (about 1%) will be charged by the issuing bank for the transaction.