Liqpay - payment system


Liqpay – is a payment system that allows easily send money from Visa or MasterCard cards to virtual account in Liqpay system linked to a mobile phone (cell phone) number. Later on you may send money to other phone numbers, withdraw money from Liqpay system to your card or leave money at your account and use it later.

For now Liqpay works with Euro, US dollar, Russian rouble and Ukrainian hryvna. It is planned in terms of the system development to work with all basic world currencies.

Liqpay works with all mobile operators of the world. Mobile phone number is used as a login into system. Liqpay doesn't require any registration before one can start using the system. All You need to know to transfer money is recipient's cell phone number. is designed for both business and individual users. Individuals can use Liqpay to transfer money to each other. Business can use to accomplish mass payments, and receive money from customers for goods and services. Liqpay also solves.

Liqpay doesn't charge for incoming money transactions and operations within the system. Transaction from phone to card costs 1,95$ + 1%. can be accessed online and via mobile sms commands.

For business there is API which is called Liqpay checkout and allows receiving payments from credit cards in return for goods and services.You need to enter the website and register in for merchants section.